Sample Notice of Intent (NOI)

Feel free to copy/paste and fill in your own information!

County Superintendent Name  

Board of Education Address

Current Date

Re: Homeschool Notice of Intent


Dear (County Superintendent Name),

This letter is to inform you that I will be homeschooling my child(ren) under West Virginia Code 18-8-1, subsection (c), subdivision 2. We will begin homeschooling (Child’s Name), age (insert age), on (insert date you want to start homeschooling).


S/He resides with me at (Address). I have enclosed a copy of my (Choose: high school diploma/GED). (Child’s Name) will study math, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.

Annually I will obtain a proper academic assessment and will keep it on file for at least 3 years. Additionally, I will submit a copy of the assessment by June 30 for the years my child is in grades 3, 5, 8 and 11.


I will notify your office if we move out of the county.


Sincerely, (Signed Parent Name) Parent Address